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Groenewald Lubbe Incorporated is registered with the Law Society of the Northern Provinces and all monies collected on behalf of our clients are subjected to the applicable legislation, rules and regulations associated with an attorney’s trust account.

During the 14 years since inception a lot of expertise has been gained and we are constantly finding new ways to first of all confirm the whereabouts of the individual / debtor and secondly secure payment through various means / methods.

The electronic age has vastly improved the ease of debit order collections, hence the collectability of outstanding debt. Key to our success on collecting outstanding debt is the timing of the handover, the earlier the better. The “trail” that an individual leaves behind when he / she absconds is obviously easier to locate and track whilst the information is still readily available.


Due to the existing relationship with both Swordfish (Pty) Ltd. (Debt Collection System) and Red Chandilier (Pty) Ltd (Data Verification & Management) Groenewald Lubbe Inc can lay claim to have full knowledge of the various products and processes leading up to outsourcing and handover of outstanding debt.

“Running into debt isn’t so bad. It’s running into creditors that hurts.”

Pre-legal & Legal Collection Process

After being imported onto our collection system (Swordfish Debt Collection System) all new accounts are first activated through campaign operations that include -
Keeping within milestone targets as received from our clients accounts are allocated to our call centre agents. Attempts are then made to contact each debtor via a preview dialler linked to our system. All calls made and received at our offices are recorded.

Each collector has the ability from our system to –

  • Make & Receive Phone Calls
  • Send a sms, letter, fax or email (templates for each of these are preloaded on the system)
  • Instruct a tracing agent
  • Log a client query
  • Load a PTP (promise to pay) and/or Debit Order
  • Make a comment, access the debtor’s statement as well edit the debtor’s contact details.


The performances of each of our collection agents are monitored on a daily basis and include the number of accounts worked per day, actions performed per day as well as monies collected. Staff employed by Groenewald Lubbe Inc is able to work remotely & from home as our debt collection software allows them to have access to all the functions needed via an internet based link. Our collection strategy is backed up with a very aggressive legal campaign where the claim is secured as soon as possible by obtaining default judgment against a debtor.

“Good times are when people make debts to pay in bad times.”

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